Be a dynamic giver!

Using the Dynamic Pay app linked to USA Shooting, you can purchase digital gift cards to use at your favorite retailers (in-store and online) and restaurants in any denomination. All digital gift card purchases give you cash back rewards you can share seamlessly with your USA Shooting Club. USA Shooting sponsored clubs will receive cash back rewards for every Rewards Card enrolled!

It’s Proven

Simple and effective way to support USA Shooting!

It’s Easy

Works on any mobile device or computer!

It’s Everywhere

30 shooting sports-friendly retail stores (including online) and popular restaurants!

It’s a win-win!

USA Shooting is dedicated to preparing America’s shooting team athletes for competition and winning medals. When you purchase a $25.00 Dynamic Pay Rewards Card tied to USA Shooting, you will give directly to your Club and USA Shooting. You'll help train athletes and support shooting sports across America.

Give back. Get back.

Join today, give back to USA Shooting and enjoy these Rewards Card benefits and more!

  • Earn on average $500/year in cash back rewards!
  • Receive $10 cash back in your Dynamic digital account.*
  • With a Dynamic Pay Rewards Card, you are eligible for rebates of 2-15% at 30 retailers and restaurants online and in thousands of locations nationwide.
  • Buy at the time of use—no prepayment or panic to use pre-purchased cards before they expire.
  • Use accumulated rebates to purchase additional gift cards.
  • Keep your credit card rewards! Rebates are in addition to regular credit card rewards programs.
  • Earn friends and family referral bonus cash back rewards!

Support America’s shooting team and protect USA Shooting’s proud shooting sports legacy.

As one of the only non government-supported shooting teams in the world, we rely heavily on donations to help athletes realize their Olympic and Paralympic dreams. Help support an Olympic pistol program in desperate need of funding. Help us implement youth development initiatives to create future winning opportunities.

  • Push our Paralympic program to new heights. We need more camps and competition at the elite level and we’re growing a grassroots model to impact children with disabilities and give them more opportunities to participate in the shooting sports.
  • Ensure that USA Shooting’s proud tradition of excellence continues.
  • Help change the narrative for the shooting sports and give the gun culture something to be proud of and stand behind.

How does it work?

Purchase a Dynamic Pay Rewards Card from USA Shooting or online for $25.00. Your USA Shooting Club will immediately receive a $10 cash back reward and you will be eligible for $10 in your digital account if you purchase $250 in gift cards in the first 30 days.

Your digital gift card purchases result in cash back rewards (2-15%) you can share and are contributed directly to USA Shooting.

Rewards Card holders purchase gift cards from stores and restaurants they actually visit. Use gift cards in-store and for online purchases! Right now there are 30 shooting sports-friendly brands participating nationwide and more retailers are coming soon!